On Tonights Menu: Chicken Fajitas

After getting a sudden craving for Mexican, I thought tonight would be the perfect tonight to make a homemade delicious Mexican feast! We cooked chicken fajitas with homemade guacamole and I must say, It came out awesome!! This is a paleo friendly meal -I try as much as I can to stick to a paleo diet -although once in a while I can indulge can’t I???  I consider those indulgences a “grey area”. Hey you need to treat yourself sometimes right??? right.

Anyhoo – I wanted to share with all of you this delicious paleo recipe for chicken fajitas..

Chicken Fajitas:

2 Chicken Breasts sliced thin

(I first marinated the chicken breasts with a lime & cumin seasoning for a couple of hours)

1 Green pepper sliced

1 Red Pepper Sliced

1/2 a white onion sliced

Corn Tortillas

After marinating the chicken breasts I cooked them in a cast iron skillet over the stove and added a homemade Mexican seasoning to add a spicy Mexican kick. I cooked each side of the  sliced chicken so it was blackened on each side. This really lets the flavors sink in,

In a separate cast iron pan, I added the peppers and onions. Added salt to taste, as well as a  few dashes of the homemade Mexican seasoning I used for the chicken – not too much though, just enough to give them a good flavor.

I wrapped the corn tortillas in a paper towel and put them in the microwave for 25 seconds – just long enough to get them warm.

and WAH-LAA delicious chicken fajitas.

I added fresh salsa and a homemade guacamole to the tortillas and it tasted so good!!

I highly recommend homemade  cooking  – It saves you money AND you can make things to your tasting and experiment 🙂









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