Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day I thought I would share a few(easy) suggestions on how to stay green and keep our home happy!

Eco Shop 

When shopping for your goods at a farmer’s market or grocery store, make sure to bring your reusable bags. Make sure to keep a few of them in the trunk of your car so your always stocked.



Pack It Up

When bringing a dish to a party or friend’s house, put it inside an eco food carrier instead of wrapping it up in wasteful plastic, tinfoil or Saran wrap. This way, your dish will stay warm (these carriers will keep your food hot or cold for up to 6 hours) and won’t waste any paper or plastic in the process. Also, because of the way these travel bags are designed, they make transporting a hot and heavy dish super easy.


No Paper or Plastic

One way to entertain the eco way is to say no to paper and plastic goods. Using plastic utensils and paper plates may shorten your cleanup time, but it’s so much better for the environment to always use dishes, silverware and napkins that you can wash and use again.



Whenever you entertain, send your guests home with leftovers wrapped up in reusable zip bags, instead of using plastic bags or containers. Send your guests home with something that they can reuse over and over again, and that may get them on a slightly greener path.


What did you do today to celebrate  Earth Day??

How are you trying to stay green?

Do you have anymore green tips to share?






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