118th Boston Marathon. What an inspiration.

Today is one of my favorite days of the year – The Boston marathon. It is just an amazing event with even more amazing athletes participating for so many different reasons and causes. This year especially was so touching because of the bombings that occurred at last years marathon. It was so inspiring to see the people who were running for the victims and survivors of last years tragic event. You could feel the camaraderie through the TV as I was watching the race today and listening to the runners talk about the reasons why they were running and who they were running for. The most exciting part of the day was seeing the lead male and female runners from the United States – one of them being from Massachusetts. As they talked about their training leading up to this event and why this one was so important, it was for the most selfless reasons – they wanted to win because of the tragedies of last year. The male winner, Meb Keflezighi was the first American male to win the marathon since 1983 and he wrote the names of the victims on his racing bib – VERY touching and VERY inspiring. Although the female leader from Massachusetts, Shalane Flanagan, was in the lead for the majority of the race came in 7th – It was still amazing to see her try her hardest and cross that finish line to pay tribute to the victims and survivors. She set the tone of the race and even though she didn’t come in 1st place, she gave those leaders a run for their money.


This race always gives me a boost of confidence and inspiration at the right time. Whether a runner came in 1st place or last place, just having taken the chance to run 26.6 miles is inspirational. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After work today I went out and ran just over 5 miles and I felt GREAT. I am proud to be a runner and proud to have the love and support from family and friends for something that I have learned to become so passionate about.

With all that being said. CONGRATS to ALL the runners!! Great job!! BOSTON STRONG!



Here is a video of Meb 4 hours after he won the Boston Marathon:

In the video, Keflezighi describes how he won the race, where the victory ranks in his career, the role of his family in his running, and whether winning Boston soon before turning 39 pushes him closer to or farther from retirement.



Who inspires you?

Did you race today? Or did you know anyone who raced the Boston marathon today?

Why do you love running?




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