The Boston bombings took place one year ago today. I wanted to reflect on the events that occurred last year and how strong of a city we have become because of these unfortunate events. It’s one of those days where you take the time and think about how you felt on that day, as well as the days preceding the arrest of the bomber. It is a day to think about all the courageous acts that took place on that day and after the bombings from the brave law enforcement officers and first responders.

I woke up that morning of the Boston marathon feeling really excited to go down to Heartbreak Hill and cheer on my friends and acquaintances. I was there in support of the organization I volunteer for, Title IX. A couple girls I volunteer with were running, as well as the founder. As I stood in the crowd on mile 22, feeling envious, proud and excited as I saw my friends run by, giving hugs and kisses I felt very privileged as well to have the opportunity to be here in this great city, watching as all these athletes ran in this remarkable race. After I saw my friends, I decided it was time to head out – which was about 20 minutes before the bombings occurred. I was driving home when my boyfriend, a Medford Firefighter, had called, panic stricken, wondering where I was and if I was ok. I assured him I was fine but had no idea at the time what had happened. He told me they just got a call at the fire station that bombs have gone off at the finish line of the marathon and there were multiple injuries. Again, I assured him I was alright and had already left the area and was heading home. I got home and I immediately got my cell phone out and made calls and sent texts to everyone I knew that was running and was a spectator at the marathon making sure they were ok. Thankfully everyone I knew was safe and out of harms way. I was glued to the TV for the next week. The city was in mourning and the city had shut down trying to find the bombers. The feeling was surreal, watching it all unfold on the television. I work at a Boston news station so I was experiencing the events almost first hand. The amount of bravery and resilience the city showed throughout that week was amazing. I have never been so proud to be a Bostonian and to know that I live in a city full of such love and support.

When its all said and done,  a year later, I still feel that same ache that I felt when the events first took place. When it hits that close to home, it pulls at your heart strings just that much more. This year, although I won’t be able to be at mile 22 again to support and cheer on my friends and acquaintances that are running the race, I will be cheering them on from where I am. This race will be bigger and better than it has ever been in the past because of last years events and that just makes Boston that much stronger.


Do you have any memories you would like to share about the Boston bombings?

How are you feeling a year later after the bombing?

Do you know anyone who is running the Boston marathon this year in honor of any marathon bombing victims?

One year after the Boston Marathon bombings, city still healing as runners get set to go


image courtesy of blbikes.com


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