Another chance for a fresh start!

Good Morning! April has arrived and it’s a new day and a new month to start fresh. Every month I try and give myself a new fitness goal. Whether its improving my running time, adding something into my routine or just to make an effort to get out and run more. As we all know the past 4 months have been brutal (at least here in New England) with all the snow and frigid temperatures, so now the sunshine is finally warming us up. This month I have given myself the goal of adding more miles to my week and get geared up for the Run to Remember half-marathon in Boston at the end of May. It’s crunch time and time to get outside and train more. I also wanted to include a couple (two) tempo runs to my training schedule. Tempo runs are great when your training for a long distance race like a half-marathon. It gets your body adjusted to running at a quick, steady pace for a long period of time and gives you the energy on race day to keep up that pace you’ve worked so hard to maintain! Setting goals for yourself is really motivating. At least for me. It gives me something to look forward to and to challenge myself with. Theres nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment of a goal you set for yourself.








April is going to be a great month, I can just see it! I have a busy schedule in April with weddings, a big move and of course making time for family and friends, but I’ve always found a way for some me time and get those runs and work outs in.


How do you manage your time and still get in a good work out or run in?

What are your April goals??



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