I won’t let it break my stride…

Happy Tuesday! I was so optimistic last week… It was the first day of Spring and the weather was finally turning a corner….and now snow is expected for tomorrow. Well thats New England for ya…One day its 60, the next day it snows. warm happy thoughts, warm happy thoughts



Weather aside, I have been battling a knee injury the past couple of months. Yes, months. I tried long and hard to deny that anything was wrong with it and that if I just pushed through it, it would eventually go away. Well needless to say I caved and finally called the knee doctor to set up an appointment…just to make sure things are ok. After self diagnosing myself on the internet as a case of runner’s knee, I have been icing it and taking Motrin after my runs to subside any swelling. I ran a good 6 and a half miles on it on Sunday and it wasn’t until mile 4 or 5 that it really started to bother me. Fingers crossed that there is no significant damage because I just can’t bare the thought of not being able to run for a significant amount of time – ESPECIALLY when I have a half-marathon to race at the end of May. If any of you readers out there are having knee pain, I thought I would share a video with you from Runners World that maybe give you some insight on what the problem might be.


To help strengthen my knee and also to strengthen my core and legs, I incorporate strength into my race training. It helps build strong legs and a strong core which all relates back to becoming a stronger, faster runner. I try and strength train twice a week to break up my running days. Here are some suggestions on how to add strength training into your running regimen:

– Head to the gym, but be sure to avoid common weight-lifting mistakes.

– Take a class if you’re unsure about how to strength train on your own.

– Adopt a flexibility- and strength-building routine by practicing Pilates, yoga, or the newly popular Gyrotonics.

– Go outdoors for a circuit training loop to strength train.

– Integrate cross-training into your workout routine to build strength and flexibility in muscles that running doesn’t utilize and prevent injury. Try cycling or swimming to improve strength and flexibility.

– Improve your balance and stability to strengthen weak muscles and reform your running.


With that being said, tonight is cross training night so I will head outside and do some lifting. I have the luxury of having a gym in my garage and having a cross-fit nut boyfriend to train me so that is a big help! Tonights work out will include kettle bell swings, jump squats, deadlifts and pull ups (because I am AWFUL at them so the boyfriend insists that I include them in my work out every time until I get better at all…bah humbug). I will share my workout with you when I finish so stand by.

If any of you have any staple strength training methods I would love to hear from you! I am always looking to mix it up to keep things exciting.


One thought on “I won’t let it break my stride…

  1. Oh, thanks for that video! I was looking for something like that.

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