Happy Spring Runners!

I thought today would be the perfect day to begin my blogging because today is the first day of spring and running is in the air! If any of you are anything like me, today is a day that you have waited for, for 4 long months.  I definitely have a little more pep in my step and woke up with a cheerier attitude than I did yesterday. The first day of Spring means the official beginning of running season (YAY!) and also a day that you no longer have excuses to not get outside and go for a run! The snow is melting,  the sidewalks are finally clearing and I can go outside without layers upon layers upon layers and appreciate the fresh air I’m breathing in without feeling like I have turned into an icicle [at least in Boston]!  It’s 58 degrees today and that means I will be dusting off  my capris pants and tank tops and heading out for a run! Even though the weather changes like our moods, it’s still a great feeling to know that the warm weather is not too far away.


With it being the beginning of running season, I have a couple more half marathons in the works for 2014 so I wanted to share some of the best half marathons to run in 2014. Whether you are just beginning to take the leap into racing or have been racing for years these are some top races to look into:

  1. Key West half-marathon June 2013 Key West, FL
  2. 3M half-marathon January 2015 Austin, TX
  3. NYC half-marathon March 2014, NY, NY
  4. Country Music Rock ‘n Roll half-marathon April 2014 Nashville, TN
  5. Mayors Midnight Sun marathon & half-marathon June 2014 Anchorage, Alaska
  6. Napa to Sonoma Wine Country half-marathon July 2014 Napa, CA
  7. Chicago half-marathon September 2014
  8. Navy-Air Force half-marathon September 2014, Washington D.C
  9. Maui marathon & half-marathon Sept 2014 Maui, Hawaii
  10. The Other half-marathon Oct 2014 Utah
  11. The Jazz half-marathon Nov 2014 New Orleans, LA
  12. Runners World half-marathon Oct 2014 Pennsylvania & June 2014 Newton, MA
  13. Zooma Cape Cod half-marathon Sept 2014 North Falmouth, MA


After looking at this list, it makes me want to sign up for 13 more and take some road trips!!

I may be biased since I am from Massachusetts and live right outside Boston, but I was a little disappointed to see that my favorite spring half-marathon did not make the list. I am running Boston’s Run to Remember for the 2nd time in May 2014.  Even though the course is not along the coast or in wine country, it runs through the wonderful city and all of Boston’s famous landmarks. It is a motivating and emotional race honoring fallen law enforcement officers and has become even more significant since the marathon bombings in 2013. Here’s the link to check it out and register!




So with springtime finally here, I will start posting about upcoming races, training tips, and I will share my favorite spring time running clothing to keep you cool and stay stylish all spring and summer. (my other favorite part of spring/summer running is stripping off my long compression pants, hats, gloves and fleece lined jackets!) Also keep your eye out for some delicious recipes that will keep you healthy during your training! The past 3 months I have taken the plunge into paleo eating to stay healthier, so a lot of the posts will feature paleo style recipes but I will be sure to also cater to those that don’t follow a paleo diet [although I promise they will be scrumptious so I urge you to try them out!].

Stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime, celebrate spring and get outside and run today!




3 thoughts on “Happy Spring Runners!

  1. An auspicious beginning! And it was a great day to finally get outside for a fitness purpose other than shoveling.

  2. I always thought about running a marathon. When is a good time to start training for a marathon?

    Please don’t forget to check out our blog: Hamptonianslovescandal.wordpress.com!

    Jamila Walker

    • I personally haven’t taken the plunge into training for a marathon yet but I’ve done some research about it since it may or may not be in my cards for the future – plus training is training and I have been training for half-marathons for 3 years now. It all depends on what running level you are at. If you already get between 15-20 miles in a week then your a step above the beginner level and should set aside a good 4-5 months for marathon training…Spring or fall marathons are the best time to train. If you run a spring marathon, winter training could be difficult and you would need to find some alternatives when the weather gets bad, such as the treadmill to keep up with speed work. If you run a fall marathon, summer training can also get tricky and means early mornings for long runs before it gets too hot out. It’s all about preference though! Thanks for commenting and stay turned for more information about race training!

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